RCChems.eu is a catalog of research chemicals commonly found in laboratory tests, at the industrial level, in educational institutions. With each chemical reagent you will find a full discussion of the properties.

Hexen in our online store

One of our specialties is HEX-EN (C14H21NO) in the form of larger crystals. Hexen is a strong stimulant, which is why you have to be extremely careful when handling it. We only order chemical reagents for technical and analytical purposes, absolutely not for consumption purposes (full regulations available for inspection or the possibility of contacting our consultants). Hexen is a substance that is constantly being studied, which gives some of our clients significant career prospects.

We support the serious research sector

If you are conducting research on substances with maximum purity, we encourage you to check our database. We operate in accordance with international and national law relating to specific RCs.

Is it worth it?

We are systematically updating the catalog of available chemical reagents. We provide safe deliveries of smaller and larger RC lots. For those interested, we accept cryptocurrency payments.

We invite you to contact our team of hexen specialists and broadly defined research chemicals.