Material safety data sheets (MSDS) are attached to each product. In these sheets you can find information on product identification, hazard identification, information on the composition, first aid instructions, fire-fighting measures, measures in case of accidental release, information about handling and storage, exposure controls/personal protection, physical and chemical properties, information on the stability and reactivity, toxicological and ecological information, instructions for removal and transport, regulatory information, and other information.

Each clients obliged to be familiar with this information. Only then the products can be safely use for a given technical usage.

Products have not to be used for any purpose other than technical use (individual or commercial laboratory utilization and chemical analyses). Client is responsible for compliance with all relevant regulations on health protection.

These products undergone almost no toxicological tests on humans and animals and there is no data about their long-term or short-term effects. Therefore be careful when handling and follow the information listed in MSDS.